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After 4 years, 7 months, and 28 days of dating… we are engaged!

It was such a surprise, I had no idea. There was no suspicious behavior or clues leading up to this, and I was starting to worry it wasn’t gonna happen anytime soon. Apparently he had had the ring since April, and hid it in the one place I would never look… his tool box! πŸ˜‰

I had made a scrapbook of event tickets and photos for our 2 year anniversary in 2010, and on Friday AK showed me the book and how he had added pictures, tickets, wedding invitations and trips from the last 2.5 years on to what I had made. The last page had a picture of an engagement ring and said: “Will you marry me?”

I was so shocked and confused by it all. One minute it was a regular old Friday night and the next minute we were engaged. I asked him if he was joking multiple times and then eventually realized it wasn’t a mean joke and said Yes! I’m very sentimental and am so excited that it is forever documented in our book!

We then went to Bourbon Steak in Georgetown for dinner to celebrate, and Founding Farmer’s for brunch. Best weekend ever. πŸ™‚