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I always love seeing posts or videos about how people organize their makeup. I love it for inspiration, as well as because I’m just plain nosy and like to peek into people’s closets and drawers. So since I love looking at other people’s I thought I’d share mine, and call it even.

On the counter I have a plastic organizer with 3 drawers that I’ve had for decades, from Target, with a lipstick holder on top from the Container store. My original Urban Decay NakedΒ and Tarte femme naturale palettes are laying next to the lipsticks.
makeup organizing

The top drawer contains my makeup brushes. I like having them in a drawer and found that they got dirty just sitting in a cup on the counter and had to put them away.

The second drawer has all my eyeliners and mascaras.

The bottom drawer is lipgloss heaven. They are like children, I can’t pick a favorite.

Then I have a small drawer in the vanity filled with the rest of my makeup. For a while everything was just dumped in there, but it started to drive me mad, so I got these organizer boxes from the Container Store.



My Birchbox/Glossybox subscriptions are on hold until I use up all these random samples. I’ve got primers for years.

And that’s it! The only things that tend to get out of control are lip glosses and blushes, my two biggest weaknesses. But since I carry them around in my purses as well, my bathroom drawers aren’t overflowing… just yet.

So now that I’ve shared, and I’m nosy, please share with me: What makeup product do you tend to overbuy? How do you organize your makeup?