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I started getting Shop Smart magazine that I got through some $5/year deal a few months ago. It’s by the people who make Consumer Reports magazine, which I like, so I decided to give it a try. Well, I think it’s completely underrated because it’s amazing!! I’ve honestly learned so much in the 2 that I have read so far. One of my favorite articles was about shopping apps that led me to download Snip Snap and Shopular.

I am a couponer and save them all but I don’t always have them with me when I need to. Snip Snapย is FREE and let’s you scan in your coupons so they are always with you. But that’s not it… even if you don’t have a single coupon you can SEARCH whatever you are buying or the store you are at to see if anyone else scanned it in. Brilliant.


I was at Target yesterday and I was getting shampoo and paper towels and I found Target coupons for both and they worked! All without having to print them out on my computer (which is so annoying because you have to download that software). So this was so exciting! To redeem it, it just displays the barcode on your full screen, so it’s crisp and clear for the cashier. And it’s not some bad quality photo someone took.ย The only downfall is that they don’t have manufacturer’s coupons to share yet… you can scan the ones you have and store them there, but you can’t get them from other people. I read that they are working on this, so hopefully soon!

When I’m shopping somewhere like the mall, I usually look up store coupons here, but Shopular is a similar concept with a much cleaner interface to grab while you are at the check out. I’m sure some things in Shopular may overlap with SnipSnap (like Bed, Bath, Beyond 20% off coupons) but the difference is that Shopular also lists different promotions and store flyers, and not only coupons.


So when you first start you choose all the stores you shop at to show up. Although this has a lot, I found that it didn’t have all the coupons out there though. For example outlet store coupons that are listed on this site were missing. But overall I think it’s pretty cool and has a lot of information to check while you’re on the go and get some extra savings!

In other app news, how amazing does Shazaam for clothing sound? Is this for real?