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I have tried a bunch of drugstore BB creams and they aren’t BB creams they’re just tinted moisturizers, in my opinion. They can be greasy and sticky and in some cases the smell bothers me all day. The ones by Garnier, Maybelline, Physicians Formula, Revlon, and L’oreal may give your face some color, but they do not have the same consistency of true Blemish Balms.

DrJart-waterfuseBB cream are originally from Southeast Asia (Korea) and I think that the Korean brands are the best. I really like Skin 79 Super+ BB cream and now thanks to the Gossip Girl Birchbox I use Dr. Jart+ waterfuse daily. {They both have different types within the BB line for different skin types; the ones pictured are the ones I happen to use.}

BB creams are suppose to even out skin tone (dark circles), conceal blemishes, and act as a primer and moisturizer, all in one! They have a tint to them, but it’s not meant to add too much color, just even out. Skin79__SUPER__BB_CreamThe Korean ones are very light in color, and some may come on looking greyish. The bottle even says “whitening” which I find funny, since Westerners prefer “darkening” and in the Southeast they like to “whiten” their skin. But don’t let that scare you. In my experience they blend out to match most (white) skin tones. I have an olive skin tone, and both have blended into my skin very well.

To get the best results, use half a pea size (yes just a tiny drop!!) and blend it in with your fingers or a face buffing brush. Then go back and add more to spots that need more coverage. If you use more product then you can risk looking like you are wearing a white mask!

You can just use the product alone as a foundation. I think it’s better than foundation because it isn’t as heavy and let’s my skin breathe. But I also like to wear it under my Bare Minerals, and I find that it creates a “flawless face” and makes my mineral foundation and blush last much longer than it used to.

The Super+ BB creams come in a bunch of different bottles and it’s intimidating to choose one at first. But I found this chart (via amazon) very useful. Choose the shade that matches your skin’s undertones. The pink one that I use says it’s for combination skin.


Have you tried these brands? After using an American brand of “BB” cream try one of these and see the difference!

*Note: These are all my personal opinions. I do not get paid to mention these products and the links are not affiliate links. I blog for the fun of sharing what I love only.*