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Even though it’s not officially spring, it starts feeling like spring to me when Daylight Saving hits. Days are longer, so more sun = spring is here. Even though I woke up to snow this morning, I have spring on the brain and the best/only way to express that right now is through fun nail colors. It’s time to put the dark reds and browns away and brighten up a bit.

Here is a list of nail colors I am loving for spring this year:

1. Essie – Cocktail Bling {I’m seeing gray nails everywhere and am loving the transitional neutral color}

2. Essie – Fiji {classic anytime pink}

3. Essie – Where’s My Chauffer {aka Tiffany blue – love this for toes}

4. Zoya – Poppy {the perfect peachy coral}
Zoya - Poppy

Note: The best place to buy Essie nail polish is Amazon. they are $5-$6 with shipping! Much better than $8 +tax at stores.

What are your favorite nail colors for spring?