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Last month’s Glossybox was the best overall box I’ve ever gotten, I loved everything. This month’s I don’t really love any of it… You win some you lose some.

I’m never going to wear those leopard nails. I love leopard print, but that’s a little overboard.

The only thing that’s kind of cool to play around with would be the mineral shimmer. It says they have 11 uses depending on the color you get, from Eye Shadow Matte, Eye Shadow Shimmery, Eye Shadow metallic, Eye-liner, Mascara, Lip Gloss, Nails, Blush, Body Bronze, Temporary Hair High Light and Body Art.
I got the color “mocha” and tried this as bronzer and as eyeshadow and the shade is really beautiful. It’s much lighter on than it is in the pot.

I was looking forward to trying the liquid liner until I saw that I got it in silver. Bummer.
I’ll try this blemish treatment. Just the contents aren’t really exciting for me.

This box may be getting donated to my sister. 🙂

My Birchbox on the other hand was much better. It included chocolate and mascara which I always love trying! The other products weren’t as exciting but I like the face scrub and the body gel smells amazing. The tinted moisturizer came in a shade that’s about 10 shades darker than my skin tone. With all the face products I’ve tried with Birchbox, that was the first time that’s happened. Must’ve been a mix up…

Overall I still really love Glossybox and Birchbox. Glossybox provides larger samples and more high end products, while Birchbox is a more affordable alternative with a great point system for getting full size products at a much lower cost. All these products will be used, but I guess every month can’t be a favorite!

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