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Here is a roundup of articles I found interesting this week on the interwebs.


Did you know… This might as well be called Jennifer Lawrence week. So many funy lists about her. See why she’s everyone’s ideal bff. Check out her list of top 25 quotes, and her interview post Oscar win. She’s the best. EW sums it perfectly: “Lawrence has managed to strike a balance where she appears grateful for the support and opportunities, but also aware that some parts of her job are rather silly. Especially in 2013′s media landscape, where everyone is all-too-ready to write a hasty opinion, this mindset is more important than ever.”

Did you know… You can watch the Beyonce documentary, even if you don’t have HBO? Love her.

Did you know…Marshalls & TJ Maxx and H&M are finally opening up e-commerce websites? It’s about time H&M…

Did you know… There is a Titanic 2 being built, which will have it’s maiden voyage in 2016. Very odd. Can’t they name it something else?

Did you know… At Starbucks.com, you can get a $5 Credit for free when you register a new Starbucks Gift Card and join My Starbucks for the first time!

And finally, 25 things you’ll have to explain to your kids someday. Makes me feel old. Not knowing what people are doing when you’re not with them, T9 Word, and taping songs off the radio are my two favorites.

Happy Weekend!