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Besides filling out brackets and seeing how predictable a season is or isn’t, another thing that has made watching the bachelor 1000% more entertaining is reading the live tweets throughout the show.

Here’s a list of funny past contestants to follow for great commentary (my favorites for this season are in bold):

  • Sean’s sister: @mixandmatchmama (she also has a blog: http://mixandmatchmama.blogspot.com where she did a great behind the scenes Q&A from her time on the Bachelor.)
  • Andrew: @andrewshull
  • Sean Lowe: @SeanLowe09
  • Chris Harrison: @chrisbharrison
  • Ben Flajnik’s Hair: @BachelorBenHair
  • Emily Maynard: @EmilyMaynard
  • Dana Weiss: @Possessionista (she is not Bachelor affiliated but she’s hysterical! And provides links to the girls’ outfits too)
  • Michael Stagliano: @MichaelStag
  • DeAnna Stagliano: @DeAnnaPappas
  • JP Rosenbaum: @jp_rosenbaum
  • Ashley Rosenbaum: @ashhebert
  • Jason Mesnick: @jason_mesnick
  • Molly Mesnick: @MollyMesnick
  • Robert Mills: @Millsy11374 (an ABC executive)
  • Arie Luyendyk: @ariejr
  • Elan Gale: @theyearofelan (a Bachelor producer)
  • Peter Scalettar: @peterjscallettar (a Bachelor producer)
  • Cassie Scalettar: @cassielambert (Sean’s producer – posts some behind the scenes photos)
  • Mike Fleiss: @fleissmeister (creator of the Bachelor)
  • Ashley Spivey: @ashleyspivey
  • Jillian Harris: @JillianHarris
  • US Weekly: @usweekly

Of course there’s always #theBachelor to see everyone freaking out about Tierra’s eyebrow comment.

Happy Monday!