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I always get sentimental at New Years’. 2012 flew by so fast. I’ve spent this week thinking back, and looking forward. Just like last year I was inspired by Time’s Top everything of 2012 to make my own list.


Tough to narrow down, but these things stand out in my mind as 10 things that defined my 2012:

1. Weddings. Lots and lots of weddings. Weddings consumed our year. We were invited to 9, but we could only make it to 7.  So many good times with wonderful friends.

2. Similar to #1, but deserves a separate line because being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding was an absolute blast.

3. Kitchen Renovation. This was such a huge project, and it still makes me smile every single day playing in my new kitchen.

4. My great uncle passing away. He was 93 but it was still very tough for me to deal with. We were very close and he was the only grandfather I ever truly knew.

5. I golfed for the first time! Have a long way to go, but it’s fun.

6. We went to Costa Rica! Checked Central America off the bucket list.

7. Got a Macbook. I just had to mention it here because it truly was life changing considering the computer I was using before.

8. Ran my first race, the Turkey Trot, over Thanksgiving! It wasn’t long, and I didn’t break any records, but it’s the farthest I’ve ever run without stopping to walk and was really proud of that.

9. Became addicted to the show, Dexter. Since weddings truly covered most of the year, the gaps of relaxation after long drives from a wedding were filled with watching all the seasons of Dexter. Watching movies took the back burner and we are now on the last one, almost up to date.

10. I can’t think about this year without mentioning the sad way it ended. With the shooting in Newtown, and one that personally affected me in my hometown of Webster. It it so senseless and heartbreaking. I hope 2013 can bring more peace to our world.

Happy New Year!