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YouTube is definitely a time sucking black hole. But it’s also awesome.

My absolute favorite YouTubing is done for workout videos and hair/makeup tutorials. It’s like having your own free makeup artist, or personal trainer, right in your own home. Here are my top 6 favorite channels:


TanyaBurr – This girl is super cute and British, and most of the products she uses are my favorite makeup brands. She has great tutorials inspired by Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Kim K and other celebrity looks.

ForeverYours0727 – this is the very first channel that I ever started following two years ago. She taught me which brushes to use for what makeup, techniques to trim my own bangs, and some great hair blow drying tips that I use all the time.

This hair curling technique changed how I curl my hair. Starting at the root keeps the hold of your curl way longer! She has some other great hair and makeup tutorials too.

K8bryan – This channel is great for new hair style ideas from a stylist.

*Tip: Another great way to dig through the millions of beauty YouTubers out there is to search by specific makeup palettes, or specific size curling irons, to find ways to use items you already have in new ways.

At Home Workouts:

BeFit – this channel has a large variety of videos. Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks, Jane Fonda, and Denise Austin are just a few of the options they have. The lengths and levels vary so it’s nice to be able to choose a workout based on my motivation level.

Blogilates – high energy is an understatement for this girl. she’s a little crazy but extremely effective. Her workouts are really repetitive which kind of annoys me sometimes, but after 12 minutes you are guaranteed to hurt. So that’s always a good thing!

Now please share, what are your favorite beauty gurus or workout videos from YouTube??