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Growing up with the best grocery store in the world (Wegmans) has made it tough to live in an area where the closest Wegmans is a 30 minute drive away. Sure, I still go there when I can, but I’ve been forced to find substitutes for when I need to get groceries quick.

Trader Joe’s has quickly grown to become my favorite local grocery store, and I’ve started doing a majority of my grocery shopping there. The products there are unique, healthy, organic, and best of all, way cheaper than the other (non-Wegmans) chain grocery stores in my area.

Here are my top 10 favorite items sold at Trader Joe’s:

1. Produce. It’s all fresh, high quality, and it’s all half the price of any other grocery store.

2. New specialty & seasonal items. Trader Joe’s has a “new items” shelf. Since all of their products are amazing and rarely disappoint, I always go straight to the new items shelf and throw most of them in my cart to try them out. Currently pumpkin flavored everything has exploded all over the store. This wasn’t even half of it. Every section had something pumpkin flavored and I was all over it! The pumpkin soup is incredible!
new items

3. Spices & Seasonings. Not only are they all 1.99, but they are all fresh and the only ingredient is the ingredient you are buying, no other chemicals and preservatives here. The seasonings are strong, flavorful and delicious. They even have unique ones like the “coffee, chocolate, sugar grinder” that is the perfect cappuccino topping.

4. Frozen garlic, basil, and cilantro. I hate chopping garlic, and basil and cilatro go bad so fast. So this is perfect to have on hand to throw into soups, sauces, stir fries, etc.

5. Frozen Mandarin Orange Chicken. When baked this tastes like legitimate Chinese takeout. It’s so good. We have it on hand at all times and probably make it about once every other week. It’s perfect alone with rice or as a flavored chicken to toss into big salads.

6. Ice Cream sandwiches. I just love these. They’re not overly sweet but they take care of my ice cream craving. And the chocolate chip cookies are just so perfectly soft and chewy. It’s the perfect cookie to ice cream ratio.

7. Spinach & Artichoke Dip. This is awesome to have on hand when people are coming over. It’s not overly cheesy or overly salty like some restaurant versions can be. It’s an awesome app to have on hand.

8. General Tso’s Sauce. This is the best stir fry sauce I’ve ever had. I know bold words, but really. That’s all I can say, try it.

9. Specialty Teas. All the teas are good but this one is my favorite. It doesn’t need to be sweetened it’s already very slightly sweet with the taste of mango. I love having a stash of these in my work desk.

10. Bread! Picking the final item was very hard! There are so many awesome cheeses, soups and prepared foods. But with this list I’m trying to focus on all the things I buy on a regular basis and only buy at Trader Joe’s. I hate the soft grocery store bread that has a cotton candy texture to it. Trader Joe’s has freshly baked breads that actually taste fresh. They also sell “half baked” baguettes that you can finish baking at home to have fresh baked bread when you need it. I love that.

So that’s my list of top products. There are sooo many more that are fantastic and I try something new every time I go. They also always have samples of great meal ideas using unique combinations of their products and I am constantly inspired.

What are your favorite Trader Joe’s products?