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I’m always looking for places to sell my gently used {and sometimes never used, oops} clothing. Most of the time I just give it to my sister. However, sometimes I take clothing to consignment shops, but they only give you a couple dollars per item. I sell on eBay, but all the eBay fees sometimes make it not worth posting the item to begin with. And recently I came across Threadflip, which I am loving.

Here’s why it’s great:

  • Posting items is free.
  • You choose the price you want and then Threadflip adds a $7 standard shipping cost. So choose your total price with that in mind.
  • If you sell, Threadflip takes 20% for shipping and fees.
  • Threadflip sends you a shipping label and a box for your items and you just drop it in the mail.
  • It’s got a clean, boutique look to it. Kind of like Pinterest.
  • I sold my first posted item within 24 hours!
  • It’s also got a fun social aspect to it, you can send your “boutique” to your friends or post it on social media.
  • It’s a fun way to find gently used, highly discounted designer items sold by other people!

Posting a listing takes 2 seconds. I only have one item posted right now, but here is my Threadflip Closet.

As we transition seasons and I find more things I’ve had all season and rarely worn, I will be posting more.

Have you ever used Threadflip? How do you get rid of barely used clothing?

(Note: This is not a sponsored post, I just really wanted to share my experience using this site)