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One of my closest friends in the world is getting married!

For the last few months I’ve been working on a bunch of projects to make her bachelorette/bridal shower weekend extra special.

I planned a wine tour in Virginia wine country and I bought this super cute customized wine glass on Etsy from Waterfall Designs with her future name and wedding date.

Each of her bridesmaids created 2-3 pages for a Bridesmaid Scrapbook that was given to her at her shower. The pages summed up each bridesmaids friendship with the bride and fun milestones together that led up to her getting married. It was so fun seeing the bride looking through it!

The bride and groom met in D.C., so I went around D.C. and took photos of D.C. things that looked like letters that would spell out the word: “love.”

  • The L is the top of the statue of victory in President’s Park.
  • The O is a manhole on a road near the national mall
  • The V is a tree in the national mall
  • The E is part of the fence behind the Martin Luther King monument. The fence faces the Jefferson Memorial so you can see a part of it in the background.

It was a fun project to do myself, especially since buying the premade letter photography is insanely expensive! But it’s actually really easy to do, you just gotta think like a 2nd grader and look for letters everywhere! πŸ™‚

Please share: any other fun bridesmaid project ideas that you’ve done or received?Β