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I’ve been a bad blogger this summer. There’s just too much going on and no time to document it all! Since my computer has been down, Instagram has basically replaced my blog. But now that I got a new MacBook, I will be back to editing photos and posts.

I saw this post over on Styl’n and really enjoyed reading it so I thought I’d post my own.


eating… watermelon. I can’t get enough.
reading… Insurgent. Finally reading the sequel to Divergent, and so far it’s just as awesome as the first book.
watching… the Olympics! Summer TV is so boring, so the Olympics are a nice change from trashy TV!
listening to… Maroon 5’s new album. It’s no “Songs about Jane” but it’s got some good ones. I’ve been a huge fan since they were considered an indie band in 2002. I’ve loved everything they’ve done so far, except for the song Payphone, I just can’t. I hope they don’t get too pop-y.
dreaming of… our paradise vacation to Costa Rica in October.
obsessed with… my new MacBook. and renovated kitchen. I need to bring the two together and go back to posting some recipes.
anticipating… my best friend’s bachelorette party this weekend!!
loving… dresses. I’m boycotting pants, indefinitely.
creating… some fun best friend bachelorette surprises, that I will share on the blog at a later time.
appreciating… the summer season and a full calendar of spending time with friends and family.
learning… how to take better photos and edit in Lightroom. I totally dropped the ball on posting photos every week all summer due to busyness and lack of a functional computer. I will try to rectify this.
celebrating... my birthday, A.K’s 30th, and wedding season! 3 out of 6 weddings are behind us. We have a month break before we get back to it! In the meantime I am thoroughly enjoying my bridesmaid duties.