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It’s gearing up to be a very busy summer. Every weekend is jam packed with plans already. I now realize why summers go by so fast. Technically it hasn’t even started, yet there are so many {fun} things ahead that it is sure to fly by.

This past weekend was one of the very few weekends spent at home before the summer gets crazy. Some of the things we are preparing for include:

1. Attending 6 weddings. And all the events that go with it. I had the honor of going wedding dress shopping with my BFF. It was a ridiculously fun and successful, yet really emotionally exhausting day! Who knew!?

Here are some sneaky iPhone pics because I wasn’t allowed to take photos. But how else is the bride suppose to remember all the dresses she tried on??

2. A friend staying with us for the next 3 months while he looks for a job. So we’ve been cleaning and reorganizing our home. I hope he was planning on watching a whole season of the Bachelorette because he’s moving just in time to get sucked in… 😉

3. Remodeling our kitchen. Taking it out of 1997 and into 2012. I’m really excited about this and will probably blog along the way since it is our first major project and should be interesting. This is our inspiration photo:

{photo via} Dark cabinets, light granite, stainless steel appliances and cabinet knobs, and a deep sink.

My cooking may be very limited this summer, but I cannot wait!

Based on the weather and wedding season kicking off in full gear, it is already summer in my mind as of May 1. I need to get the most out of it before it’s over!