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UPDATE March 2013: Stylearoo announced on their Facebook page that they will no longer be selling online! So sad. 😦
UPDATE Nov 2012: MJR Sales has moved to a new location: Stylearoo!

After writing this post about my love of MJR Sales. I’ve gotten some questions about how to successfully shop there. It is a warehouse site so the items they post are not presented in an appealing way. You definitely have to enjoy the hunt to get the greatest reward.

Here are some of my tips:

1. Check the site frequently. Like Marshalls or TJ Maxx the items change daily. The good things sell out extremely fast.

2. Use the filters. The left hand banner has a huge array of filters to choose from. In order to search effectively and not be completely overwhelmed, narrow down your search as much as possible. It weeds out a lot of the random things on there and allows you to see what is in stock in your size.

3. Read the description! The items sometimes have defects or were purchased and returned, so you have to read the descriptions to know what you are getting. I’ve only purchased items that were marked “new without tags” or “new with tags” and I’ve never had any problems with them.

4. Shipping is $2 per item. Pretty awesome. The customer service is pretty good too. They are closed on weekends, but I’ve had one exchange situation and they were extremely helpful.

5. Browse the Victoria’s Secret catalog. 90% of what is on MJR Sales is from the Victoria’s Secret Catalog. The other 10% is Express (under “famous mall brand”), Limited, Chadwicks, and a couple others. They cannot legally specify that it is Victoria’s Secret, but the items are either labeled “Famous Catalog” or “Moda” brand. And when you receive them, they have a VS tag, although sometimes they are cut out.

If you like things in the VS catalog, wait a month or so and keep checking the “new arrivals” tab on MJR Sales to find some of the items currently in the catalog!

Recently I pinned two dresses I liked from the catalog on my wishlisht Pinterest board. Then a few months later I saw dresses on MJR Sales that looked a lot like the ones I pinned… I went to the VS website to compare, and it turned out that they were identical, except about 50% cheaper!

It’s nice to have the VS site to get a better look at the clothing item with measurements and details. Plus everything looks better on the VS super models versus the mannequin! 😉

This is the other dress I pinned from VS that was $88:

and found it on MJR sales, looking like this:

Incredible, right? I found this in my size in a blue color, which I loved too since I probably already have too many black dresses.

If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt for a steal, I highly recommend MJR Sales! They now have quite a bit of VS swimsuits as well.

Happy Shopping 🙂

{This is not a sponsored post. I just want to share the love.}