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As much as I adore life with an iPhone it is kind of scary to think about how consuming it is.

I was in a training class for work last week where my phone had no reception and the computers were off for the first portion. I found myself shaking with anxiety. I couldn’t remember the last time I did one thing and not multitasked? My mind was racing. You’re telling me I can’t listen to you talk, while reading blogs or catching up on the news? Or google mapping the stores I want to go to that are right near this training facility? What if I miss a good Groupon deal? Or something big happens on Facebook? So pathetic right? Who am I? Somehow I survived.

This weekend I had no plans and all I wanted to do was read, since my time at work these days is consumed with wanting to run home and read more of my current book, Divergent by Veronica Roth. (Divergent is so good. If you liked Hunger Games it’s a good follow up to fill the addicting dystopian thriller romance void in your life.)

But inevitably this is what happened:

If I sit down and just start reading I’m okay, unless the book is boring. And let’s face it if I’m reading a book and my iPhone is more interesting, I probably should find a better book.

But somehow I never just start reading. I grab by Kindle and iPhone and I turn on the TV, just for a “sec” to see what’s on. Oh the real housewives of OC are being stupid again. Let me text 2 of my friends to discuss.

While I’m texting I’m bound to get approximately 5-10 “it’s your turn to play a game” notifications. So now I find myself spending the next hour texting, scrambling, wording, and hanging with friends. And don’t even get me started on DrawSomething.

This game is highly entertaining. It’s basically Pictionary, andย  the drawings you and your friends come up with are pretty darn funny. Here are some examples of the incredible art created on a tiny screen with sausage fingers by some of my friends that cracked me up.

The last drawing was mine. I was trying to draw the Angelina leg and all their kids. How my friends actually guess some of the things I try to scribble is often shocking to me.

Well look at that, I wasted more time I could have been reading, talking about the iPhone and DrawSomething… What were we talking about again?

Do you find it hard to focus with all the the technology around? Are you into the DrawSomething phenomenon?