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First of all I would like to thank my readers. Ever single comment puts a smile on my face and I love interacting with those that read my blog! When I wrote about my experience with dry shampoo I got so many great recommendations via comments, twitter, and even email. I tried the two most mentioned and they led me to find my perfect dry shampoo!

First I started with Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo from Sephora.

So many people mentioned this and it’s a very popular option. However, I could not get over the smell. I think it’s supposed to be citrus-y, but it bothered me all day and it kind of grossed me out.

Besides that I would give it a similar review to the Batiste dry shampoo. It freshens hair temporarily, but the hair starts feeling greasy again pretty fast. I don’t have time to keep reapplying throughout the day. And the smell would kill me. Luckily I bought the travel size.

Overall Review: ★★ Middle of the road, decent product. But wouldn’t buy again.

Of course, how a product reacts is different for different people, so this does not mean this isn’t a good product. It just didn’t work for me as well as the next product.

Beyond the Zone – Rock on from Sally’s Beauty Supplies

  • This comes on really light, not super white.
  • It volumizes, a lot! It’s like I just blow-dried my hair.
  • It lasts. All.Day.Long. I went 3 days without washing my hair for the first time, while still being able to wear my hair down and not instantly throw it up and out of sight. Unreal.
  • It actually feels like it’s soaking up the oil and not just covering it up.
  • It texturizes the hair, and makes it feel stiffer, kind of like after using hair spray. This didn’t bother me because of how great my hair looked. It also helped my hair stay put in an up-do, which was a plus because my hair always slips out, immediately.
  • There’s no smell!
  • It doesn’t break the bank. It’s $6.99!

The only con that I could think of are all the fire hazard warning on the bottle. They are kind of scary, and make me worry that my hair will blow up in flames.

Overall Review: ★★★★ I found the dry shampoo that works for me and it’s the only one I will buy from now on.

In the light of my new obsession, I was excited to find another blogger raving about it! Pink Pistachio wrote a great post about her dry shampoo routine.

A lot of you mentioned that you need to wash your hair everyday or it just feels gross. I also felt this way about not being able to go more than every other day. But with my new favorite dry shampoo working so well, I now started washing every 3rd day during the work week (so that I can wash it after my vigorous workout day).

The first time of trying to go to 3 days it was greasy (luckily it was a weekend and I wasn’t going anywhere). However the second time around, my hair looked completely normal! I know it sounds gross, but your hair actually gets used to it and doesn’t get greasy as fast. According to my recent Shape magazine, when you wash too often your scalp is dry and compensates by producing the natural oils more quickly.

They also mentioned that Jessica Simpson’s hairstylist Ken Paves has said that she only washes her hair two to three times a month! That was kind of hard for me to believe considering how much her hair must go through to look good all the time. I mentioned this to my office mate and she said that she only washes her hair once a week! I would have never guessed it! Who knew… I’m gonna add that to my list of things everyone knows but never talks about.

Disclaimer: Not washing hair does not equal not showering. Please shower every day.

Thank you to my readers and your recommendations I can now be a bigger greaseball without anyone knowing it. 😉