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I’ve always been the type of person who only washes my hair at night. This is because blow drying my hair (not to even mention styling) takes way too long in the morning, when precious sleep (and getting to work) is my priority.

Then a few months ago, I was browsing Bloom.com, because I had a Living Social coupon, and found this product that I had heard about from other people and also had some good reviews.

I’ve been using it since December and I have to to say that it is magic. Blow drying now takes me about 2 minutes. Not only does it dry super fast, but my hair is so silky and smooth that straightening takes less time because I only have to straighten in a few spots.

Now I learned the hard way that this product WON’T work unless you follow these steps:

  • Towel dry your hair first
  • Only use a nickel size amount of the product, and spread over your hair evenly. If you use more, your hair will be sticky/wiry/gross, so don’t.
  • Let your hair air dry for a bit, while you get dressed, do your makeup, etc.
  • Once your are ready to go, leave your hair for last and start blow drying. I just flip my head over and blow dry, nothing fancy. And it dries completely. I am obsessed with watching fancy YouTube videos to learn how to blow dry like a pro… but haven’t mastered it just yet.

This seems like magic to me because I would always have problems with middle layers in the back of my head that just straight up refuse to dry. Using this product dries them just as fast as the rest of my hair.

This product costs $21, but Gilt City is currently offering a $20 for $40 (with free shipping) at Bloom.com. This offer ends on February 23, and if you grab it, it doesn’t expire until May, so you have plenty of time to decide what to spend your $40 on!
Bloom is a growing online beauty store (comparable to Sephora or Ulta). They have perfume, hair, skin, and makeup products and tools. It doesn’t have all the top brands, but they are constantly adding new ones. So far it has a bunch like Stila, Jouer, OPI, Essie, Zoya (my fave!), Pureology, Redken, to name a few. Click here if you are interested in the offer!

Another favorite product of mine that is sold everywhere, and I found for a lower price on this site is It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in conditioner. It’s so great for traveling when you can’t take your 10 favorite hair styling products (ha, oh wait, is that just me?). All you do is spray it over your hair right after towel drying your hair. It’s a 10, does 10 things instantly: 1. Repairs dry damaged hair. 2. Adds shine. 3. Smoothes and controls frizz. 4. Seals and protects hair color. 5. Detangles. 6. Prevents split ends. 7. Stops hair breakage. 8. Creates silkiness. 9. Enhances natural body. 10. Flat iron spray and thermal protector.

And on top of all that it smells sooooo good!

Crazy, right? It’s a traveler’s dream. And comes in a 4oz, that basically looks like a 3oz and fits in the airport Ziploc bag. 🙂 Just like with the other product, don’t go spray happy and overuse it. Spraying too much on your roots causes stickiness. So just spray it evenly, and it’s magic.

Now tell me, what hair products are you loving lately? Any YouTube videos or blogs you know of that have good tutorials?