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I always find myself Googling: “best time to buy flights” or “best time to buy appliances.” And when I found this cool graphic, and amazing cheat sheet from savings.com, I just had to share it!

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To sum up:

  • Best time to buy flights: On Tuesdays
  • Best time to buy appliances is holiday weekends. I wish it specified which ones (is Memorial day better than Martin Luther King day?) because we are looking for kitchen appliances, but it does seem that black Friday and most holiday weekends had good deals.
  • Cheapest time to get married: December – February
  • Real estate prices are best from October to February. I find this interesting because we purchased in December and we were surprised there weren’t other offers, but people just don’t buy (or sell unless they have to) in December! So it worked out well.
  • December-January are the best months for a lot of things (like clothing and digital cameras, etc) due to pre-Christmas and after Christmas sales.
  • This month keep an eye out for chocolate, hardware, cars, and office furniture.
  • April is the best month for laptops, snow blowers, and used cars. Random one! But I thought it was interesting that winter wear is also big in April, because this year is an exception since winter is mostly nonexistent. The stores jumped on getting rid of winter wear immediately after Christmas!

I think it’s fascinating and a good summary of how the market works! However, some things I don’t agree with and think are made up… like best time to buy swimsuits is on Sundays? Dress pants on Mondays? I think time of year makes a bigger difference than the day of the week on those items!

Are you looking to make any major purchases? Is it helpful? Is it all true?