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Happy Friday! In celebration of the weekend and all things fun and stress free, here are some things that I’m loving lately.


Birchbox has gotten me hooked on Zoya nail polish. In my opinion O.P.I. is the most overrated brand. It’s a decent nail polish but for the same price you can get way better. I am not a patient nail polish polisher… I mess up easily, remove, redo, get mad, quit. Zoya has changed this. I throw on one coat and it looks done, it dries crazy fast, and the best part is it doesn’t chip. I only remove it because my nail has grown. This is the busy/lazy/impatient girl’s nail polish. It costs the same as O.P.I. and gives you way better results. I’m also a fan of Essie, but right now Zoya is my number one.


So with the new kindle obsession comes a hunt for finding the perfect book to read. Amazon has great reviews, but it doesn’t have the best way of finding good recommendations. Goodreads is awesome for this, it’s a community of readers. Like when joining Netflix, it gives you suggestions of books, you rate them, and it generates more similar books you may have read, and you keep rating them until you fill up your collection with as many books as you can remember reading. Once you set up your profile you can find books similar to your favorite books. You can find your friends, or find new ones based on similar book tastes. You can join book clubs. It’s perfect for my nerdy self. Oh, and it has an app.  If you have an account, let’s be book friends.

Homemade lattes.

The aerolatte frother is the best for making gourmet drinks at home. I froth milk for my coffee, and am currently on a chai latte kick. Tastes so good with the frothy milk and topped with Trader Joe’s chocolate, coffee bean, sugar grinder.

Mad Men.

We just finished watching all of the seasons on Netflix, and now I am anxiously awaiting it’s premiere on AMC in March. Which happens to be the day after the Hunger Games movie premiere. That’s gonna be one wild weekend. To pass the time, I’ve been scouring the web for hints of what the next season will bring, scanning pictures of the glorious fashions, and hoping to see the cast on the red carpet at the Glolden Globes this weekend -even though they haven’t been on the air in over a year and aren’t nominated this year.

What are some things you are currently loving? Are any the same as mine?