As fake and terrible as this show is, it is so much fun to fill out a bracket based on the first few episodes to guess the winner! We had so much fun creating a pool with friends last season for the Bachelorette that we decided to do it again for the Bachelor!

I got the bracket templates from this site again, and while watching last night we prepared our brackets for the season.

Here is my filled out bracket:

As you can see I took this seriously and took notes by each girl’s picture during the show… “crazy” “divorced but cute” “out” “jealous crier” “came in on a horse” “annoying”

Here is my top 4. I really don’t like Courtney, but she’s in my top 4 because Ben F really seems to be blinded by the fact that she’s a model, and not realizing how fake she is.

Our group got bigger this go around, including 2 very brave guys, including A.K. whose bracket is very different from mine. It’ll be interesting to see who can accurately predict Ben’s heart. 😉

I’m fairly certain that it’s going to be the “most dramatic season ever”.

If you’re interested in the brackets, click here to download your own. And check out the blog for some funny Bachelor commentary by a former contestant.

If you are also a Bachelor addict, who are your top picks?