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I’m in love with my Kindle.

I purchased my first book, The Violet’s of March yesterday. It is one of about 15 books I’m dying to read right now. I read half of it (49% according to Kindle) in 2 hours.

While reading my first ever Kindle book, all I could think about was how much I wanted to share the book with a friend. The nice thing about purchasing real books was that when I was done with a great book I could lend it to a friend so we could be obsessed with it together. Now that we live in a Kindle world, how do we share books?

I spent my evening yesterday looking into this. My best friend, Jenny had also gotten a Kindle for Christmas and I need to figure out how to share books so that we don’t have to buy the same books twice.

Sharing book with friends.

Now for sharing books, I Google’d around and this is a combination of advice from a few different Amazon forums.

1. Check that the book is able to be lent out. Publishers decide whether books can be loaned, so not all books will be available. Look under the product details of the book on your Kindle device. If the book can be loaned out, it will say “Lending: Enabled.”

For titles you already own, you can check the Your Orders section in Manage Your Kindle. Click the “+” symbol next to a title to reveal additional information about the title. If lending is enabled, you’ll see a Loan this book button next to the product image.

2. Go to the “Actions” menu and look for the link marked “Loan this title.” As long as the book can be loaned, this link will be there.

It is easiest to do straight from Amazon.com in the “Manage your Kindle” part of your account on your computer. Click “Loan this title.”

3. Fill in the following form with the name of the other Kindle owner and her email address.

4. Click “Send now.” The book will be sent to the other user. The loaned book will be available for 14 days.

5. Click on the button “Get your loaned book now” on the Kindle or in your account on Amazon.com to receive the book.

6. Choose the device you want the book to go to and click “Accept.”

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For more info check out Amazon’s lending guide! There’s already a growing community of Kindle book loaners that you can join!

If you don’t know any Kindle owners yet. Getting Amazon Prime is another way to increase your access to books, without buying every book. It is 50% off for new Kindle owners ($40 aka 4 books worth) and with Prime you get:

  1. Access to Amazon’s Lending Library. These books include a lot of popular books, but not all the newest ones. Books like Water for Elephants, Hunger Games and the Help are in there.
  2. Free 2-day shipping for any item with the “Prime” label, which is mostly everything.
  3. Access to their movie/TV streaming.

I decided that with the large amount of items I already buy on Amazon combined with the free Kindle library that this is worth the investment. $80 might be too much, but $40 is doable.

Another great option is going to your library’s webpage and checking out their e-library. Most books are now available for check out in audio or e-book editions! I’ve done this before and it is really cool! Libraries of the future.

Here are some of my sources that I used for Kindle tips: kindle tips forum, Amazon Help

Do you have any other Kindle tips to share for a new Kindle owner?