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Time.com has an amazing summary of 2011.

It’s a top 10 of 2011,broken down into categories by topics (news, music, books, pop culture, scandals, world, sports, etc.). I spent way too long going through this, being sentimental and in disbelief that another year is over.

Top 10 buzzwords, made me laugh:

  1. Occupy (the crazy Occupy Wallstreet movement)
  2. Winning (Charlie Sheen)
  3. Planking (“lying down game” ignited by YouTube)
  4. Carmageddon (in California)
  5. SuperPAC (nickname for independent-expenditure-only political-action committees)
  6. Cone of uncertainty (in reference to Hurricane Irene)
  7. Arab Spring (referring to Egypt protests)
  8. Man-as a prefix (mankini, manbag, manscape, man-dates, manchild, etc)
  9. Hacktivist (hackers with political premise)
  10. Leading from behind (in reference to Obama)

Top 10 tweets was an interesting one because it coincides with the top news. Twitter has been a huge part of 2011, and it is, surprisingly, how I get most of my news these days. The Washington Post Sunday paper insert, called Parade, also had a great summary of top tweets for the year.

Click on it to read. It includes events like: Oprah’s last show, Ashton & Demi’s divorce, Newt Gingrich’s presidential candidacy announcement via twitter, Christina Aguilera at the Super Bowl, Penn State, Irene, Gas prices, Egypt, etc.

Top 10 Overreported Stories was funny to look back on:

  1. The Casey Anthony Case
  2. The Royal wedding
  3. The “will they or won’t they” candidacy of Trump and Palin
  4. The Conrad Murray trial
  5. Strauss-Khan Sex Assault Allegations trial
  6. Kim Kardashian gets married
  7. Charlie Sheen’s meltdown
  8. Iowa Straw Poll
  9. Hurricane Irene in NYC
  10. Carmegeddon

All the top 10 lists start getting repetitive after a while of similar people and events. But it’s definitely a fun summary to go through.

All of this made me think of my own best of 2011 list:

  1. Moving in with my love into our first home
  2. Starting a blog and being so inspired by other blogs to be more creative (foods to try, cooking, Pinterest, etc).
  3. Getting a big girl camera and learning how to use it
  4. Our trip to Poland
  5. Getting back into reading after a long break, with two big favorites: the Help & the Hunger Games
  6. Rekindling a friendship with one of my oldest friends, Emily.
  7. Getting an iPhone and iPad = life changing
  8. EnjoyingΒ  sharing our home with many weekend visitors
  9. Having a job I really hated for most of the year, but getting through it and starting one I like much better in October.
  10. Netflix Streaming obsession.

What are some of your top 10 from 2011?

Happy New Year!! See you in 2012!