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Every year I promise myself I will not go to the mall the weekend before Christmas. And every year I find myself in the same situation… spot stalking people that are coming out of the mall in the hopes of getting a parking spot.

UrbanDictionary.com defines spot stalking as:

Spot Stalking – p.o.s. (n) The act of creepily driving behind someone as they walk to their car in order to get their parking space.

Sample Sentence: Girl (talking on phone walking slow):”So i can’t believe Tom broke up with her, she totally gorge…oh shit I gotta go someone is spot stalking me. (speeds up to get to car)

I hate when this is done to me, it’s stressful with the risk of getting run over, but it is definitely the only way to get a spot during this crazy weekend. There are 3 types of pedestrian reactions:

  1. The “I’m going to pretend you’re not there, and take my sweet time sitting in my car and setting up the GPS” pedestrian
  2. The helpful – pointing to the car pedestrian- “you better hurry and move because I’m actually 3 rows further down”
  3. And the dreaded, “I’m just going to my car to leave my bags and shop some more! Sorry you hovered behind me for the last 15 min!”

It took 30 minutes of spot stalking and fighting other cars over calling dibs on pedestrians to get a spot. Yes, that’s dedication.

I blame my dad, for being so difficult to shop for and being the last person I desperately needed to find a gift for.

Luckily by the time I came home, I was home for the rest of the weekend. Free to be cozy, wrap gifts, and eat cookies.

I made these based on the recipe from Hershey’s. They are so fast and easy and festive!

I used the sprinkles I had on hand.

They are a great mix of sugar cookie and candy cane.

As soon as they come out of the oven, stick the Hershey kisses in so that they can squeeze in and soften from the heat.

These are delicious. But I think next year I want to try them with a chocolate base, to combine with the peppermint flavor. Yum.

Source: zupas.com via Mila on Pinterest

Have you done any spot stalking this holiday season? Rude or Necessary? Which pedestrian type are you?