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The December Birchbox is here! This month’s theme is products for frolicking in the cold and fancy fetes.

I’m a huge fan. I’m wearing 3 out of the 6 items this morning.

My favorite is the Jouer pink lip gloss. It looks like crazy hot pink in the bottle, but it’s not. It’s really a sheer shade of pink and very moisturizing. And let’s face it, I’ve never met anything hot pink that I didn’t love.

  • Next favorite item is the five organic essential oils. I’ve been eying different organic skin and hair oils at Sephora lately, so it’s great timing for this to give me a chance to try it out and see if it’s worth the money.
  • This is the second Harvey Prince brand perfume I’ve gotten in Birchbox, and they do not disappoint. It’s not really a typical scent I would usually buy, but I like it! It’s very subtle and clean, so it’s a nice little size to keep in a purse (or gym bag!) for times of need.
  • I’ve always loved the brand, Benefit. I haven’t tried the pore primer, but I’m typically a fan of their products so I’m looking forward to it.
  • And the bonus items are kind of fun this time. I’ve never used double sided tape, but I will save it for a rainy day! You never know when you might need it. Especially come wedding season.
  • And the recharge eboost is perfect for this time of year when it seems like everyone around me is coughing up a lung.

So, I was gonna take a break in my Birchbox subscription after this one. But what if something amazing comes next month and I miss it… I’m having some separation anxiety just thinking about it.

I have a few more weeks to use my products and think this over…

What is Birchbox? Birchbox is a monthly subscription of high end beauty product samples. For $10 a month you get a box of 4-5 of hand-picked sample products (based on an online questionnaire) shipped to your door, with tips and tutorials of how to use them. It is a fun way to try new products and discover what you love without the commitment of sky-high luxury prices to do so.

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Did you get anything different in your Birchbox this month?