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This year is the first year I have ever bought Christmas decorations.

Sure in college we would put up lights in our room. But since then I have never lived in a permanent enough situation to feel motivated enough to decorate for Christmas. I’d be gone on weekends in NYC enjoying the decorations there, or home at my parents helping put up their tree. So spending weeknights watching Christmas lifetime movies seemed festive enough to me.

Since January we have spent a lot of time and effort making our new condo a home, and now seemed like the perfect time to buy my first Christmas decorations.

A couple trips to Target and Michael’s, and I am done. I wanted simple, clutter free, yet cozy, of course. And no more than would fit in one storage box.

I still need a Christmas tree skirt. The ones in stores seem either too big or too small. I’ll have to dig around Pinterest to maybe make my own.

You can kind of see in the background that I put the candle stick lights in the windows. That is my favorite Christmas light decor on houses. I think it’s so peaceful and beautiful. And although we don’t have a house, it still seemed fitting to bring some Christmas spirit to those driving by.

The Christmas tree is mostly silver, gold, and red, with enough room left over for memorable pieces to collect over the years. Here is our first memorable ornament that I found at Target, and loved:

It says: “First Christmas in Our New Home 2011.” Could not be any more perfect.

Spending cold December evenings at home will be extra festive and cozy now.

Next up on the Christmas spirit list is baking lots of different cookies…

Do you collect memorable ornaments that represent special years or Christmases?