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In the spirit of Cyber Monday AND the Victoria’s Secret Runway show tonight, I have a new shopping obsession to share.

Has anyone heard of MJR Sales? It’s kind of like Marshalls or TJ Maxx for items from catalogs. Most of the items are from past seasons of the Victoria’s Secret Catalog. Not everything, they also have the Limited and Express (called “famous mall brand“) but I’d say about 90% is from Victoria’s Secret.

When you first look at the website, it doesn’t look like much. It doesn’t mention Victoria’s Secret specifically, it says “Famous Catalog” instead. But when you buy the clothes there are VS tags on them. The prices are ridiculously low, i.e. pajama sets for $10-20. But it’s the same pajama sets you see at Victoria’s Secret season after season!

So, if you like the type of clothing in their catalogs (especially the basics that repeat every season) this is a great place to get them at ridiculously low prices.

Do you need a simple little black dress to dress up or down? All of these are $11.99.

Or a fun top? All of these are $7-$10!

Are you looking for a fun new pair of shoes?

Or a new coat? All of these are under $50!

Anything from their boots, to push up bras, pajamas, accessories, to millions of sun dresses. Some items are brand new with tags and some specify defects. If there are defects it tells you exactly what it is. Usually it’s minor, but if it doesn’t live up to your expectations you can return it.

The items change often, so it’s a place I like to check often. They rarely have the VS underwear, but they have everything else.

The shipping is $2 per item, which isn’t bad at all considering their low prices. And if you look around, they always have some kind of promo codes too!

I have had such great experiences with them, I just had to share. MJR Sales did not ask me to do this review, this is just my genuine excitement over my experience that I had to pass along, especially with the holiday season coming up. It’s perfect for gifts or party dresses! 😉

Happy shopping and Enjoy the Fashion Show tonight!

Anyone else excited to watch and be envious of all the Victoria Secret Angels?

Have you ever shopped at MJR Sales?