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Happy Cyber Monday!

My sister and I took Black Friday very seriously this year, and enjoyed the excitement of it all. However, overall I was disappointed with this year’s deals. I thought that the hype was way bigger than the actual deals themselves, unlike last year where the sales and door busters were much better.

We started out our Black Friday at midnight at Target.

There was a long line and they were only letting a certain number of people in at a time. So we decided not to stand in line and went to Old Navy First. When we came back to Target the line was gone and we walked right in.

I was disappointed by the deals. Pretty much everyone had a TV in their cart, and since I wasn’t shopping for TVs it wasn’t something I was excited about. I was hoping to stock up on towels and bedding, but unlike last year, they hardly had any of the good stuff on sale! We did end up getting a $19 Black & Decker toaster oven and our first Christmas tree! A 6.5 foot tree for $30.

The line looked terrifying because it wove in and out all of the side aisles all the way to the back of the store.

Target knew exactly what they were doing because by standing in these random aisles I picked up things that I thought I needed, like garbage disposal cleaner. When you stand by it long enough at 1am, you convince yourself you need it. πŸ˜‰

However, Target was very prepared and organized and we only stood in this crazy line for 20 minutes.

We went home for a quick nap before returning to our Black Friday shopping in the morning. I think we accidentally went at the perfect time. We were at the mall by 8:00am, right in between the early morning 5am rush, and the regular day shoppers. It was perfect because we didn’t have to wait in a single line! We shopped around a bit, got a few minor items, but the sales were no different from what they were online 2 weeks ago. 40% off the whole store happens online all the time. Not that big of a deal. 60% off at GAP was pretty good though.

But our best Black Friday mall deal was definitely the O.P.I. and Essie nail polish sale at a salon in the mall, $4-4.95 each. I got some darker winter colors. I wish I got more.

Although, we did do some shopping, I’m not sure I will go to the mall again on Black Friday. The midnight madness was entertaining and I would go next year. But the lack of sleep was not worth the deals. So far today it looks like Cyber Monday is way better than Black Friday.

Cyber Monday highlights:

Now tell me, what did you think of this year’s Black Friday madness? Did you snag any good deals this weekend? or today?

Happy Shopping!