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I finished it! I’m done with the Hunger Game trilogy!

I’m kind of sad because it was so fun to read! It really kept me glued to my book and wanting to find out how everything ends. I definitely liked this book better than the 2nd one, but now I understand that book was necessary to lead up to the conclusion.

I am now even more excited for the movie coming out March 23, 2012!!  The trailer was just released last week:

Although, it’s depressing to think that I’ll have to wait at least 2 years to see this final book made into a movie!

I’m not sure I can write this review without some spoilers. So readers beware,  if you haven’t read the book and are planning on it. Stop reading here. Come back later and discuss with me after you’re done! You have been warned.

A lot of the major events were predictable and I guessed a lot of the general events that happened, although there was always an unexpected twist somewhere!

I predicted most of the events… except Katniss’s final decision in her ongoing love triangle.

This will definitely be a big part of the movie franchise, team Gale versus team Peeta (like the Twilight movies).

I bounced back and forth with my decision a few times, but for the most part I was on team Gale. I loved their bond and their life long friendship. Although Katniss and Peeta did go through a lot together and he was crazy about her, she always “wore the pants” in their relationship. I liked her better with Gale.

And it doesn’t bother me that she ended up with Peeta. It bothers me that the author spent hundreds of pages describing every detail of the war, and then uses one sentence to say that they eventually married because he balanced her out. I agree with her explanation and her choice, but I was just left hanging and wanting more. How did they end up getting back together? She dragged on for the whole 2nd to last chapter about Katniss’s depression, why did she not throw in there that they started spending time together and reconnecting? That just bugged me.

The romance was a very minor plot of the book, although it was interwoven discreetly into most situations, so maybe the author didn’t feel the need to spend the time on it. The focus was more the fight of the Districts to destroy the Capitol’s power over them, in the hopes of returning to a normal society. It focuses on Katniss’s struggle to retain her identity when she has no true control over her life and is manipulated by the situation of the society around her. I mentioned in my review of the 2nd book that I really disliked Katniss’s character in that book, but I have to say she was better in the 3rd book. Her character was a little more developed, determined, and brave.

Besides the love story ending, I thought the rest of the book was so well written and she really tied up all the pieces very well in an insanely creative and complex storyline.

I absolutely recommend the series to anyone of any age.

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What’d you think of the love triangle and how it ended? What team were you on?