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Thanksgiving week is upon us! It is by far my favorite week of the year.

Work is more relaxed, days off are taken.Thanksgiving dinner is the best dinner. I love turkey, and my mom always makes a ton of different veggie sides that make the meal seem much healthier and colorful. There’s also lots of family time, pumpkin pie, first Christmas movie watched, maybe some board games. And then our food coma is followed by some Black Friday crazy people watching and deals galore.

Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday.

I am not a fan of Christmas trying to swallow up Thanksgiving so that it disappears earlier every year. When I saw that all stores are opening up at midnight this year, and you have to set up camp at 5pm to get vouchers for the best deals, I was stunned. 5pm?! Are retailers trying to get rid of Thanksgiving even more than they have already? Remember the days when people lining up at 2am was crazy?

Makes me want to appreciate Thanksgiving even more and give it the love it deserves. It’s one day to relax and be thankful for one last day before people turn evil and knock each other over with shopping carts.

Except maybe if you’re trying to buy a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Please don’t do that. And while you’re planning, buy a squash too. They’re delicious.

This is a recipe inspired by a sample I tried at my beloved hometown grocery store, Wegmans.


  • 1 squash – peeled, chopped, tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper. See steps here.
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt & pepper
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • handful of fresh baby spinach
  • handful of dried cranberries


1. Roast the seasoned and cubed squash for 40-45 minutes. Roasting it helps make it naturally sweet.

2. When squash is done roasting, place some olive oil in a pan and sauté the chopped onion until it turns golden brown.

2. Mix in the squash with the onion.

3. Next add a handful of spinach.

4. Stir to allow the flavors to mix and the spinach to start softening. Finally, add cranberries.

5. Continue to stir and let the mixture sauté a few more minutes (5 max) until the spinach is completely wilted and the cranberries soften.

6. And you’re done! You have an easy, flavorful, delicious, and colorful Thanksgiving side!

Now this is proper sustenance to hold me over during the Black Friday deal dash. Me and my sister have a tradition of going shopping around 6:30am on Black Friday. We don’t do much planning, we just kind of go for a morning stroll through Target and Kohl’s and watch people act like animals, while sipping on our Starbucks gingerbread lattes.

This year I’m going to try to do some planning to try to take advantage of at least some of the deals. However, with this whole thing about stores opening at midnight, there may not be much to see by 6:30!

Anyone else planning on participating in Black Friday? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?