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I consider myself a clean person. I try to keep everything clean. But this week I learned that you should clean your coffee maker once a month…

How come no one in my life ever told me that?

I had to learn the hard way.

I’ve had my coffee maker since January. And ever since about August my coffee has been tasting really bad. I mean really bad, bitter, gross.

Every morning I make a cup, take one sip, and throw it out. Every morning. For 3 months!

  • Good news: I lived off of one sip and was no longer addicted to drinking coffee.
  • Bad news: I kept doing it, and kept getting disappointed!

I tried making small changes. I’ve gone through different brands of coffee. Different creamers. But the coffee was still gross.

So, I then scrubbed my coffee cleaner with dish detergent. The filter, the water carafe.

Nope that didn’t help either. I considered buying a new coffee maker? But mine wasn’t that old!

I bought some more new coffee, surely spending more money on a better brand will help, right?


So finally this week, November 15, 2011. I went to Google. Can’t believe it took me so long! All I did was Google: “how to clean my coffee maker so coffee doesn’t taste gross.” Turns out many other people have the same problem!

I found a ton of great resources, like this one, that all said essentially the same thing.

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Step 1: Fill water carafe with 1/2 cup vinegar, 1 cup water

Step 2: Run coffee maker through brewing cycle

Step 3: Once finished, turn off, and let water cool. (The steam from the water/vinegar mixture cleans and disinfects all parts of coffee maker).

Step 4: Repeat if really dirty.

Step 5: Run the machine again with only water in the carafe.

Step 6: Rinse in sink to make sure vinegar is washed out. Use detergent if necessary.

Step 7: Enjoy normal tasting coffee again!

Lesson Learned:

Just because your coffee maker looks clean, doesn’t mean it’s clean! You could be drinking lime deposits and old coffee gunk (ew!), and it could be ruining your perfectly good coffee!

Did you know this? Do you clean your coffee maker?