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All I do is pin, pin, pin no matter what

and if you follow me on Pinterest, you know that. The Pinterest iPhone app is my savior when I am bored. I pin in line at the grocery store, during a 2 hour wait at the DMV, I pin on long road trips (when I’m not driving), and even on the stationary bike at the gym. The app magically turns any situation of torture into a happy place.

Although I pin a lot, it’s not for nothing. I go back to my boards for ideas all the time. I could do a separate post on each board and how I’ve implemented it, and maybe I will. But for now I’ll share some of my recent projects as part of Young House Love’s Pinterest Challenge.


Most of my projects are home related, since we are still working on setting up our new home.

We have all the furnishings, but we’re still missing some personality. First we created the wall of fame. And now I’m working on all the other little personal touches to make our place more home-y.

The following projects are inspired by my Wall Decor Pinterest board:


I love this quote. Great words to live by. This project was inspired by this pin, but I created this print myself. It sits on the desk in our office.

This next project was based on both a combination of what I saw the previous owners had in this house and also a Pinterest version.


We haven’t been in the new place a year yet, but last week I got the fall snapshot to complete our seasons! It’s a good thing I did, because this weekend’s early snow froze a lot of the pretty leaves off.

This next one is one of my favorites because the Pinterest pin, found here, was a website full of free printables of this quote (in different colors and sizes!) that someone had found and linked on Pinterest. So much better than buying similar quotes through etsy, because it’s free! I thought it was perfect for somewhere in our living room.


I am still working on a few more wall projects for a large wall in our kitchen that I will share once it is complete! But my wall decor board has some hints 🙂

The next project was taken from my organization Pinterest board. There are so many cool ideas out there, so I want to implement as many as I can. But for now I only have one complete.

I was inspired by this pin of this gorgeous closet, to reorganize my stash of toiletries in my bathroom closet.

pinterest projects1

I tried reusing baskets I had instead of buying all new ones, so it might not be as pretty as the Pinterest version, but at least it’s organized!

I still have a lot of hair, nail, makeup, and clothing inspirations that I have adapted from Pinterest ideas that I will try to gather and share in a later post.

Have you turned any of your pins into a reality? If, so what types of projects or ideas?

If you haven’t heard of the amazingness that is Pinterest, check out this post. If you don’t follow me on Pinterest yet, follow me, and I will follow you back so that we can inspire each other!

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