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Britney’s latest Criminal video has got me quite concerned… Another seductive video? Why doesn’t Britney Spears dance anymore?!

As a super, die-hard Britney fan back in the day, her videos were awesome because of the dance segments.

In high school I took dance and our class did a medley replicating the dance segments of a bunch of her videos. This was circa 2000-2001, so the dances were high energy and really fun. One of the videos we did was the “I’m a slave 4 u” break down segment. We bared our midriffs, but that’s as scandalous as it got.

Can you imagine high school girls remaking Britney’s more recent videos? It would consist solely of pole dance and bedroom scenes. That dance recital would sure get the PTA all fired up.

In college, my roomie can attest that my side of the room was kind of a Britney shrine.

My roommate woke up to this staring down at her, from over my bed, every morning:

Yes, Britney, we still do.
(Sorry, roomie. And thanks for being such a good sport through my slight obsession).

But back to my concern. Let’s face it, that’s her only talent: performing.

Since the release of Femme Fatale, she does not dance. Not when she performs at award shows. Not live at her concerts. And not in any of her videos.

I wanna go… how can you  not wanna dance to that song?! When that video came out, that’s when I first noticed, something was up.

In the course of her 2007 breakdown did she lose the ability to dance?

The last video to have a dance segment in it was Womanizer in 2008, but she’s still not dancing like she used to. She just flails her arms, while her dancer do all the real work. Before that, her last dance video might be her pre-break down “Me Against the Music.” That album was the peak of her dancing career. Before everything went downhill.

Random fact: Although it’s tough to choose, her first post breakdown comeback album, Blackout, is probably my favorite. I really don’t think it got the attention it deserved. Every song was so fun.

How did she go from super cute & awesome dance icon, to white trash, then to total wreck, followed by confused skank, and then end up at: rehabilitated, but kind of awkward nondancing lip syncer?

Barbara Walters, I think it’s time to sit Britney down and have a talk. How do you just throw away such a great talent? What happened?

Did anyone else go through a huge Britney phase?