Today is the last day of summer… it’s bitter sweet really. Summer is my favorite season, but fall is a close second. Well, more like Indian Summer because I really hate the cold; but I love everything fall has to offer: the colors, the flavors, the change.

I thought I should properly end the summer season by going over the to do list I made on the first day of summer of things that I wanted to do. Let’s see how I did:

Eat outside on our balcony when it’s warm.Nope we haven’t done this!  The summer was so unbearably hot, so we haven’t! This will have to be a part of my fall to do list.

Go for a walk/jog with A.K. at least 3 times a week Even on busiest work days, we still went for a walk to the grocery store in the evening, and used it as an opportunity to talk, and creep into neighbor’s windows to see how they decorated their version of our condo.

Go to a Yankee game at Yankee StadiumWe went during our shared birthday weekend.

Learn more about my DSLR (either online or via a class or friend), and start taking it with me more places. – I took a 5 hour class with a friend using a Groupon deal! I meant to write a post about it, but I just never got around to it. Maybe I still will… but using the light meter was the best thing I got out of this course that I never knew before and helped me get some beautiful photographs when I was in Europe.

Ride my bike! My dad brought it up when he visited and I have yet to use it. If A.K. had a bike I’d probably use it more, but I am determined to ride at least once this fall.

Find a nearby lake/beach/pool to go to. Nope, I did not step foot on a beach or in a pool all summer, weird right? I don’t think that’s ever happened before.

Visit to the newly opened Wegmans (that’s only 30 miles away! yay) at least once a month for all my oh-so-missed Wegmans essentials. – We went three or four times, which was just enough for a monthly Wegmans stock up. I can’t believe how such better quality can be so drastically cheaper, wish I could trade my local Giant for a Wegmans.

Not get depressed on my birthday. – I did okay with this one, it was a busy weekend, so it kept my mind off my birthday. And all the wonderful birthday wishes made me so happy all day 🙂

Get a mini grill to use in the parking lot… since it’s not allowed on our balcony. – Nope didn’t do this one… A.K. thinks it’s ghetto to grill in the parking lot, true I suppose, but so tasty!

Go to the public market for fresh fruits and vegetables. I didn’t really do this one like I intended… there’s still time though, public markets are open through October.

My summer to-do list score is: 5/10… 50% – yikes. But riding my bike, public market, and eating outside will definitely be done before winter hits!

My failing score is not a total failure. I have to say that I did have a great summer filled with fun things that weren’t always planned.

  • I had many good friends visit
  • Celebrated some fun weddings
  • Lots of time spent with my family and A.K’s family
  • I went to Poland and Prague
  • I spent too much time at work at a job I was really unhappy in, but I made a decision to switch jobs, and started a new one this week, just in time for a fresh start for fall.

Now tell me, what are some of your summer accomplishments, things you wish you had done, or things that you still hope to do?