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We made a quick detour in our Poland trip with a quick visit to Prague. It’s so close to Poland and I’ve always wanted to go. So with my cousin’s help, we bought tickets online, got on a 3am overnight bus, and headed for a quick trip to Prague.

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Prague was stunningly beautiful. It was full of history and had an Old Town square, just like the cities in Poland. However, it was kept up more to maintain the intense amount of unique, ornate detail in every building. The sites were breathe taking.


As recommended by one of my wonderful friends, Jenny, we stayed at U Prince.


Just like everything else in the city, this hotel was beautiful. The hotel rooms were decorated like a castle. Our view of the Old Town square was just incredible!  We were in the middle of everything. It also had a roof top restaurant where we ate some unique Czech food and enjoyed the sunset over the breathe taking city. Compared to our other cheaper Poland hotels, we splurged a little (for European prices, because it was probably what a normal U.S. hotel would cost) on the Prague hotel since we were there only one night. It was so worth it 🙂

Now for the food…


In our 36 hours there, half of our meals were spent enjoying anything Czech. But since the food was similar to Polish, we decided to also compare their American options to what’s offered in the U.S. We ate at a pizza place, KFC, and also McDonald’s.

I’m not usually a McDonald’s fan. But here I tried the tzatziki McWrap, and it was delicious! The lettuce, tomato and cucumbers actually tasted fresh… which I would never say about an American snack wrap. It was also bigger, and came in a cool box that also served as a handy way to hold the snack wrap so it wouldn’t spill all over.


Prague also had McCafe’s everywhere, that were just McDonald’s owned coffee shops. We never tried one of them, but I’ve heard that they serve legit, delicious coffee, and not the brown water we get served in the U.S.

When visiting a new city, I love identifying cultural differences and unique items associated with the new area. Surprisingly, there actually is more to Prague than Pilsner beer!


Swarovski was established in the Czech republic, and crystal is one of their most well known exports. Souvenir shops were so sparkly and crystal was sold everywhere! I may have stocked up on some 😉

There were a lot of places that offered fish pedicures. People would sit and have fish eat their dead skin sells for smoother skin.  This person happened to be sitting right in the window… I just stopped and stared in horror and could not believe people paid for this!

The Czech Republic has a long tradition of puppet making, so marionettes were also sold in all the tourist shops. There were various themes to them, and we thought the Obama one was funny… next to Captain Jack Sparrow.

Absinthe originated in Switzerland, but the Czech Republic is one of the largest producers of the potently strong alcohol. So they have cafes dedicated to it!

What’s a true cultural experience without some grocery shopping?


I was stocking up for our overnight train back to Poland. There’s nothing like grocery shopping to make you feel like a local 🙂

This was our 10 day version of backpacking through Europe.


I love Europe, but there’s nothing like being back on American soil to feel safe and home.

Until next time, Europe. Next Europe trip (in addition to Poland), we will stop by Paris, or Bologna, or Venice, or Austria, or Santorini…