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Our vacation itinerary was very aggressive. We wanted to see as much as possible in the span of 10 days.

A lot of time was spent on every possible form of public transportation. And some nights were spent on planes, buses, and trains in order to save time, and spend our days in new places.


There were many Old Market Squares and historical sites visited, fabulous food tasted, and funny cultural observations made.

Our first stop was Warsaw, Poland’s capital.


Our next stop was in Wroclaw, my home town where my whole family lives. We spent our few days here hanging out with my family.


Instead of T.J.Maxx, they have T.K.Maxx, which is the European version. My cousins and I spent some time there and all got matching “Aladin” pants.

Our last stop was in my favorite city in Poland, Krakow. I participated in a summer semester program at the University there in 2005, so I know that city best and it has a special place in my heart.


The sites were gorgeous, but let’s be real, the food was the highlight of the trip.

Fresh bread, bakeries. My favorite food while in Poland is probably bread and butter. Occasionally with a tomato… sometimes with some rich cheese. Everything just tastes sooo much fresher there. They don’t have any of that fake Wonder bread type bread.  It’s always crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Yum.


Polish food mostly consists of meat, bread, and butter. Not the healthiest diet. I found it very difficult to find dishes that also contained vegetables when dining out.

The Polish culture isn’t a big “dining out” culture (which is probably why they are so skinny). The restaurants are mostly for tourists, so they have lots of the traditional food. Of course they have other restaurants as well (i.e. Mexican, Sushi, Pizza, etc).

One thing that I found very hard to get used to is that they don’t serve you water with your meal. The tap water isn’t good for drinking, so you have to buy a bottled water with your meal if you want water. The bottled water at restaurants was always overpriced (and tiny!), so I missed my endless glasses of water with meals.

However, there was always plenty of beer.

piwozsokiem via

You can either get beer plain, or with raspberry or ginger juice. I was surprised at how many guys ordered beers with juice. When it comes with juice you get a straw, which I loved. But it looked funny seeing guys drinking beers through a straw at bars/restaurants.

We also thought this was funny:


This machine was hanging in a bar/lounge in Krakow. For 2 zloty (approx 65 cents) you can blow into this machine and it will tell you whether you are sober enough to drive or not.

Whenever I go to Poland, I am too busy visiting my whole family, and never have a chance to see other countries while in Europe. So in 2006 I decided this had to change, from now on I would see one other country every time I go to Poland. Since then I have been to Munich and London. This trip we added a quick 36 hour trip to Prague.

Prague recap coming soon…