Now that I’m back from my vacation, I am ready to face the fact that it is fall. People were rushing it in August, and I was not willing to accept it. But now I’m ready.

Not really ready for cooler temps, but luckily in MD, I still have a few months of warmth… I hope. But I’m ready for the pretty colors, for pumpkin spice lattes, and for all the TV premieres that come with fall.

I love all the new shows that arrive, as well the old ones that come back. TV is an exciting escape from the everyday grind into a world of funniness, love, drama, and lives far from my own. Good thing I just went on vacation and lived my life for a bit, now I am fully prepared to bounce make into make believe ones…

Old shows that I’m super excited, bouncing in my seat with anticipation for are:

Parks and Recreation. Love. This. Show. It has replaced “The Office” in its hilarity and ridiculous funniness.

The Rachel Zoe Project is back! I die. This show is bananas and I love the sneak peak into the fashion world and craziness it brings. Rachel Zoe is so funny and the passion for her work is both enviable and inspiring.

NCIS.  The funny banter. The thrill. The amazing crime solving skills. Love Tony.

And finally, Gossip Girl. My guilty pleasure. I know the show is cheesy, and the soap opera twists get out of control. But I just love the clothes, NYC, and the sneak peak “into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite.”

As for the new shows…

I am most looking forward to checking out Pan Am. Based on my recent Mad Men obsession, I am looking forward to more 1960s cultural references and scandals.

Other shows I will also at least watch premieres of include: Charlies Angels, Two Broke Girls, and Suburgatory.

Set your DVR, here is the full fall premiere schedule.

Disclaimer: These are only my top favorites, and by no means the only shows I watch. There’s always the Bachelor shows, real housewife shows, millionaire matchmaker, maybe some dancing with the stars (tho doubtful with this season’s cast), and super embarrassing guilty pleasure of loving to hate the Kardashians too.

Do I watch too much TV? What shows are you looking forward to this fall?