I’m back from an amazing vacation! And have Soul II Soul’s Back to Life ’90s song stuck in my head, hoping it will make going back to work more upbeat.


My vacation was exactly what I need to relax, regain sanity, perspective, and detach myself from everyday regular life. There’s nothing like taking yourself out of your comfort zone of everyday life, and exploring the unknown every once in a while. We faced travel challenges, language barriers, unplanned events, currency confusion, and tried various foods that we don’t eat on a daily basis – and it was all fantastic.

In Europe:

I loved eating fresh bread, butter, and cheese in some shape or form with every meal.

I loved the gelato ice cream sold every 2 feet.

I loved the culture, the history, the languages, and the fashion.

I loved the small, cute food portions. IMG_0585-1

I loved the low currency conversion in Eastern Europe. Going out to dinner and drinks, for two people, in a really touristy spot, was around $40.

I loved walking all day, every day, exploring.

I loved people watching. Lots of people watching.

I loved having tea, in an outside cafe, in the middle of the Old Town square.

I love finding all those little details that people in new places think are normal, but are so different to me. (i.e. why are European toilets thin and round, and US ones thick and oval?)

I loved the life of each city at all hours of the night.

I loved trying new food, and also trying out some American fast food restaurants for comparison.

I loved the adventures of public transportation — even though it meant we slept on airplanes, buses or trains 4 out of the 9 nights of our vacation.


…but I’m soooo happy to be home!

I love the comfort of coming home to everything I know and love.

I love my comfy bed and having time to sleep.

I now have a new appreciation of being able to drink water out of the tap.

I am so excited to eat normally, and reintroduce fruits and vegetables back into my diet.

I am looking forward to not having to pay to use a public restroom.

I am looking forward to faster restaurant service. Even though we were never in a hurry, it was hard to get used to!

I am looking forward to getting back into a routine.

I am looking forward to having more clothing options to choose from and not only what’s in my tiny suitcase.

I am looking forward to going to Target. Sad, but true – I really missed Target. Clearly we needed some time apart.



Travel therapy. Helps see what life is outside of our little everyday bubble. Helps realize daily work worries are so small and insignificant and that there is so much more to life. And finally, it helps appreciate the little things that we take for granted in our “boring” every day lives so much more.

Now I must go back to playing catch up… more photos recaps to come when I get all my photos in order!

Now tell me: what do you love about new places? what do you miss about home when you’re away?