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The perfect self tanner hunt is over!

Well for now at least… because I think by now you know that I am a sucker for trying new beauty products.

I love the feel of a tan, but prefer to do it without abusing the sun, and looking this:

(source) Or using the wrong self tanning products and looking like this:


I started using tanning beds my senior year in highschool (for prom, of course) and I continued to use tanning beds for one week every March, for 5 years in a row – until 2007. That was the year I got sun poisoning after a 10 minute tanning bed session and I vowed to never step foot in a tanning bed again. Let me tell you, that was not fun and it gave me quite a scare!

Risking my health is definitely not worth being tan to me. I have also limited my time out in the sun significantly for fear of skin cancer (and wrinkles too). I still enjoy sunshine, but I am a huge fan of SPF.


But I still hate being pale. So finding a natural looking sunless tanner that is easy to use and fits into my routine both in the winter and the summer was my goal. It just took a few years to try out all the products in the market to find my favorites!

I think I’ve tried just about every self tanning product I could get my hands on. I’ve invested in wipes and department store lotions and splurged on every tanning product on the shelves at Target. Some worked well, but I wasn’t in love enough to want to share, until now.

Here are my favorite options for fakin’ a tan:

For face: I use Jergens Natural Glow. It’s a lotion and self tanner in one. It says it’s for the whole body but I only use it on my face and sometimes neck and chest. I use it all year round, every other day I apply it, like regular face lotion, before makeup and it helps me maintain a natural glow without looking orange or like a ghost either!  In browsing at different sites, I’ve noticed that the reviews on this product aren’t usually the best, but I truly believe it’s made for face only. The few times I’ve tried my legs I got streaky and the moisturizer consistency just didn’t work out with so much more skin to cover.

I’ve even caught A.K. sneaking this stuff. He likes it since his skin tends to skip the tan and go straight to burn.

Other tips:

  • It’s not greasy on your face
  • It doesn’t have a strong self tanner smell. I kind of like the smell, it doesn’t bother me like some others have in the past.
  • I like using the darkest one, but if you use it every single day you  might look like a pumpkin, so alternate days between and it will stay natural.

For body: I have recently discovered Kardashian Tanning Gel from Jessica’s blog. I gotta admit I was very hesitant about supporting the Kardashian empire… but her review made me really curious so I caved and gave it a try!

It’s a gel consistency, which scared me at first because I’m used to trying lotions or foam consistency. But I was pleasantly surprised! The gel is easier to work with and dries really fast, so I would rub it into my skin until it dried to avoid any streaking. I am loooving the results on my legs! It looks like I spent all day prancing at the beach, which I didn’t, as much as I wish I did.

Other tips:

  • It has a self tanner smell, that kind of bothered me at first, but I quickly got over it when I saw how perfect of a tan I had after only one application!
  • Because it’s gel, I am hesitant to try on my face for fear of breaking out, but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work well for people.
  • It is sold on Amazon or at Ulta stores

Now do tell… Does anyone have any other self tanning products that you absolutely love? Have you tried any of these?