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This morning my mom sent me an email forward portraying “Ads that we’ll never see again.”

Normally I would have glanced through it and not given it much thought… but since I spent the whole weekend watching the first season of Mad Men, it really caught my eye.

Now that all the seasons hit Netflix streaming, I’ve gotten a chance to see what all the fuss is about, and I am definitely hooked!

We all know what the 1960s were like from history class, but seeing it portrayed in a funny, steamy, and drama filled way brings that decade to a whole new light for me.

It brings to light the fabulous fashions, the politics, the movies, celebrities, the products, social norms such as: office culture, relationships, male versus female roles (a.k.a. total inequality) at home and at the office.

I find it fascinating how times have changed in many aspects. The email my mom sent me with the ads really sums it up. Here are some of my favorites:

Chubbies? Really? On the show, the men openly comment on a women’s weight, or clothes not being revealing enough for them.

Nowadays the Total ads are more like “keep up with your busy life and be healthy”. Versus: “if you only eat Total, and keep up with all your housework you will be the perfect wife and have a great figure”.

Way to sell it to the men. Don’t worry, if you buy this, she’ll still have work to do!

Women don’t get tired, only men do.

Everyone on the show smokes and drinks – all.day.long.

The doctor was smoking during one of the women’s OB-GYN appointments… talk about awkward. Whether you’re a doctor, pregnant, or driving home – you drink and smoke. lots.

Oh how much changes in 50 years…

Anyone else watch Mad Men?