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When it comes to preparing meals, I gotta admit I’m a bit lazy.

I can’t imagine life without my two best friends: George Foreman and Crock Pot.

Sure I have my moments of inspiration where I find the most extravagant recipe and spend hours in the kitchen trying to recreate it. But those moments are few and far between. Definitely not on a weeknight.

Most days I’m just looking for a shortcut to a delicious, budget friendly, and healthy home-made meal.

This is it.

It gives George and Crock  a break, but it’s just as quick and easy.

All the credit for enlightening me with this genius shortcut for a delicious jambalaya recipe goes to my girl, Shanna. She calls it the tired girl’s jambalaya, but for me, it’s the lazy version. It’s what we made on a Saturday, when we weren’t tired. Just preferred spending our time relaxing, watching bad movies on Netflix than simmering jambalaya for hours.

This is my version based on what I had in my cupboards.

I’ve made jambalaya from scratch before and it took me hours, and didn’t even end up tasting nearly as good as this one.


  • 1 box of  New Orleans style jambalaya rice mix
  • 1 lb sausage
  • 1 small onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 package of frozen shrimp
  • 3 large carrots
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes
  • salt, pepper, paprika, garlic seasoning
  • fresh parsley, chopped


1. Start with the box of rice, and cook as directed on the box.

2. In a saute pan, start cooking your sausage. Add salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika seasonings.

3. While it is browning, chop up the onion and garlic. Add it to the sausage once the sausage is starting to crisp up to your liking.

4. Add shrimp.

5. Add carrots.

6. Add diced tomatoes and simmer on low heat for 5-10 minutes while the rice finishes cooking.

7. Serve the meat and vegetable mixture over the rice. Garnish with parsley.

8. Enjoy spending all that extra time you gained by not standing over the stove, but doing other things instead.

Do you know any other shortcut versions of more complex meals? Please share 🙂

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