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There are many important characteristics that successful people share. Knowledge, experience, education, social skills, etc.

One really important one, I’ve realized is memory. They can retain facts casually mentioned to them and then just regurgitate them at the right moment, months later.

This worries me about my future because I have the worst memory when it comes to anything truly useful.


At work I tell people that if they don’t see my write something down, that it means I have already forgotten it. So make sure you see me writing it down.

My notepad on my iPhone is full of things for me to remember, some of which have reminder notifications. #ilovetechnology

If I didn’t have a blog I probably wouldn’t be able to recreate any recipes I tried, or remember what I did in 2011.

2009 is a year where I have no documentation and it is slowly slipping away. What did I do in 2009? It is disappearing with only a blur of MBA, full-time work, and a long distance relationship with A.K., left in my mind to justify it. Barely any photos. Maybe a few “I hate school” Facebook statuses.

Thank goodness for smartphones. Google is the shortcut to the side of my brain where information gets lost. Having a smartphone helps me “remember” things more quickly with a quick touch.

But when it comes to memory there is one thing I know…

I have a freakishly good memory for song lyrics.

Lately my favorite Pandora stations are their preset ones: “1990s Pop” and “summer hits of the 2000’s”. It shocks me that I can sing a long to every single one of them. Even if I haven’t heard it in decades!


Ask me what the liquidity ratio is, and I’ll give you a blank stare.

Even though I’ve taken about 8 finance-related classes in my lifetime. One of which ended only 7 months ago.

It’s clearly not about repetition. Or about wanting to remember something. Or how long ago I learned it.

Why does this happen?

I swear I wanted to know all those ratios, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a goal of mine to know all the lyrics to “Baby got back.”

Some of those songs I haven’t heard since elementary school. “Another Night”, anyone?

But somehow that’s the reality of what’s been retained in this head in the long-term.

This keeps me up at night.

But totally comes in handy for karaoke or if I ever end up on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” 1990-2011 pop edition.

Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem?