Today is my birthday.

I don’t know why, but I have always dreaded my birthday.

I love other people’s birthdays so much more. They are definitely way more fun.

But yet, that day comes around every year, and I feel like I need to do something special and be happy and celebrate. But I don’t really want to.

I have the best mom in the world, that always makes it extra special. But besides that, I just want to hide all day.

This year I will try to be more positive...

My 27th year was a good one, full of wonderful milestones.

  • I graduated with my MBA
  • I got promoted at work
  • I moved in with the love of my life
  • We had many friends and family visit us in our new home
  • I had both of my siblings living in the same state as me… for the last time for a while.
  • I got addicted to Netflix… and getting an Amazon.com package every day.
  • I started this blog

Even though I will spend all day thinking how much closer I am to 30, this year I will be happy about my birthday because I know there is so much to look forward to on my road to 28.

Bring it on.

How do you feel about your birthday?