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This weekend I got just what the doctor prescribed:

Two full days without a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, gold O.P.I. glitter nail polish, and some serious quality time reconnecting with one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Emily gave me this magnet, and this quote says it all. We’ve been friends since we were 5 or 6 years old. She’s one of my first friends since immigrating from Poland, and we grew up together in the Polish community in Rochester.

Over the years college, jobs, boys, and life has taken us in different directions but thanks to the magic of Facebook, we have recently reconnected, and picked right up where we left off.

We spent a full day shopping. At stores we could and couldn’t afford.

We ate at a really fun restaurant called Wasabi, which has different kinds of colorful plates of sushi sliding past us on a conveyor belt. We discovered a love for the seaweed salad.

We got our makeup done at MAC… which kicked off a beauty product shopping spree.

We both got some “faux gold” eyeshadow. A fun bronzy look for summer.

What are friends for if not to share favorite beauty products? She convinced me to purchase some Bumble & Bumble surf spray, and now I’m officially addicted. It does live up to the hype. And makes up (somewhat) for the lack of beach blues I am having this summer.

Glittery gold nail polish was in order. I deserve it… right?

We watched a chick flick. Except that it was terrible. Save yourself 2 hours of your life and do not see this movie. The plot was terrible. The acting was terrible. And they tried to make up for it by constantly showing Anne Hathaway’s breasts. No Strings Attached has basically the exact same plot – but without the Parkinson’s disease and less breasts and funnier – so rent that instead.

But with good friends, even bad movies are fun.

Quality girl time is seriously theraputic. We shopped too much, ate too much, talked too much, and laughed a ton. It was perfect.

As tough as it is to go back to work, the break did me good, and my spirits have been lifted.

There’s nothing like time spent with close girlfriends.

What kinds of activities are your idea of  the perfect girl time?