This past weekend I saw Maroon 5 live at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open.

They have been one of my favorite bands since college, and they were absolutely incredible live in an outdoor venue. Ah-mazing.

I’m pretty sure every highschool female was in love by the end of it.

I love their sound and think that the music (and of course Adam’s voice) is so unique that the band is easily distinguishable. Oh, and the heartfelt lyrics don’t hurt either.

I’m having a very busy and stressful work week… again. And although Maroon 5 focuses mostly on troubles of the heart, I couldn’t help but notice that while going through the titles of some of my favorites, they can be applicable to work too…

Don’t Know Much About That
Can’t Stop
Give a Little More
Hold On
Figure it Out
I Can’t Lie
Little of Your Time
Losing My Mind
Last Chance
If I Never See Your Face Again (I won’t mind)
Must Get Out
Harder to Breathe
Not Coming Home
Makes me Wonder

I look forward to getting to the weekend, and hoping I feel differently, and more like this…

Nothing Lasts Forever
We’ll Be Alright
The Sun

Sunday Morning
Never Gonna Leave this Bed
My Ocean Blue
and if I’m lucky, maybe some Moves like Jagger

Now that I’ve summed up my week, how is yours? Can anyone else relate to Maroon 5 words of wisdom?