Awkward: Getting new iPhone the day before a conference full of classes and not knowing how to put it on silent for the first 2 days.
Awesome: Making new friends by asking how to put phone on silent. Still don’t know how to make it completely silent, but vibrate was much less awkward for the rest of the conference.

Awkward: Getting my nails done and knowing that the nail salon employees are definitely talking and laughing about us in some Asian language.
Awesome: Being at the salon with my sister and talking in Polish to figure out what they could be saying.

Awkward: No one in my family telling me that my brother was in an accident caused by a drunk driver, until 2 weeks after it happened.
Awesome: Brother not being injured and family getting a letter 2 weeks after the accident notifying them that the hit & run drunk driver was caught by the police later that night.

Awkward: Running through the woods behind our condo in flip flops during a thunderstorm
Awesome: Having a wonderful bf who goes for a walk with me, even when he doesn’t want to get off the couch, and bears through it even as it starts to rain.

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Did you have any awkward and awesome moments this week?