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Hi. Remember me? I used to blog.

It’s so much harder to blog in the summer.

Work is crazy. I feel guilty doing anything that isn’t work related.

And when I do, it’s something outside and active that doesn’t include a laptop.

Like picking strawberries with my family.

Or watching my brother grilling.

Remember when I used to cook?

Yeah me neither.

Best part of being in a car for 14 hours total this weekend?

Listening to the audiobook version of the 2nd Hunger Games book.

I don’t think I like it as much as the 1st one, though. Katniss acts clueless to obvious things, and it frustrates me.

Maybe it was the culmination of PA construction, and stress at work that made me realize I was also getting angry at a young adult novel.

Luckily, Katniss’s life is much more stressful than mine.

Note to self: Stop talking about book characters like they’re my friends.

Can’t wait to hang out with Ashley the Bachelorette tonight and watch her eliminate 3 guys. So far I’m in the lead, but I have a feeling tonight may end that lead with the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.

Switching up the regular life routine is fun (and healthy), every once in a while; but, I really look forward to going back to some normalcy after a crazy week that included a conference, lots of work, and travel through 4 states.

Happy Monday!

Does anyone else find it a relaxing outlet to get lost in fictional/TV lives to occassionally get away from their own?