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Wow, The Hunger Games was an incredible book. I was barely able to put this book down for a second after the first few pages got me completely hooked.

The book is entertaining, and incredibly disturbing all at once. If given the plot before reading it, I may have not wanted to read it. I don’t really like sci-fi, fantasy, or survival in the wild type of books; but, this book is so much more.

Suzanne Collins narrative has an immediacy to it that, when combined with the very dramatic life-or-death plot, my eyes were just glazing over the words hurrying to see what happens.

The relationships between the characters give the book much more depth than any of the Twilight books. Like Twilight, this is also a YA novel; but, unlike Twilight the love story is subtle, yet engaging, written well without making me nauseous, mad at the cheesiness, or constantly rolling my eyes (FYI, I am not a fan of Twilight).

The general gist of the plot is that the government organizes the Hunger Games, in the form of a national televised event. They choose a boy and girl from each district, put them in an arena, and the kids must fight it out. The last one alive, wins a monetary prize, as well as a year of food from the Capital, meaning no hunger for its district.

Disturbing, right? But the relationships and the way the book is written is so captivating, I inhaled the book in 2 weeks (that’s really fast for me). There’s nothing better than a book that completely sucks you in.

Because the book is so much more than just its plot, I can’t imagine this being a good movie. A movie can only shows the scenes (which are brutal or sad) and not the funny thoughts, strategies and complex relationships of the characters. I know I’ll see it anyways, of course… just so I can get mad and say the book is better 😉

Now, excuse me, while I go read the next two books of the series.

My Hunger Games Review: ★ ★ ★★★

Have you read it? Thoughts?