Hello, iPhone!

Goodbye, Droid Incredible.
You’ve been good to me, even incredible, at times. But times are changing and I gotta move on.
I will miss your Google maps GPS and free version of Angry Birds…

…but I will not miss how after a year I still can’t type on you, how your battery dies within 4 hours even when I’m not using you, your gradually slowing down internet, and high frequency of force closes.

Hello, iPhone!
I’ve been scared of you for a while now. Afraid to be sucked into the cult-like obsession of all Apple products. But now I am ready. Bring on the Face Time, Instagram, streaming Netflix in the airport, super fast internet, and long battery life. We will be very happy together. I just know it.

What apps should I get? Any specific accessories? Any tips on transferring from Droid to iPhone?